~ Meet A Few Of Our Photographers ~
As you well know, if you are a frequent reader of the Northcountry News, we have some of 
the finest wildlife, landscape and nature photography in these parts within our pages. 
This doesn't happen by accident! The photographers who contribute to our publication,  
are some of the finest photographers in the area. 
Now, with the paper available online, you will be able to see all the photos online, 
which are used within our publications. We will also be archiving past issues of the Northcountry News from now on, so you'll always be able to look at the wonderful pictures, past & present! 
We would also like to thank the many fine folks, who each week, send us pictures of  
wildlife and other interesting happenings throughout our circulation area,  
which we use throughout the publication each issue. 
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words! We believe it truly is!
Please Be Advised That All Photography Seen In Our Publications Are Copywritten Material - Owned By The Photographer. 
Use, Copy or Sale Of These Photographs Without Permission Directly From The Photographer Is Punishable By Law. 
You May Contact Many Of Our Photographers Through Their Websites - By Clicking On Their Links On This Page. 
Not All, But Most Of The Photographs Seen On The Front Page Of The Northcountry News 
Can Be Purchased From The Photographer Who Took The Photo. Again, You May 
Contact Them Through Their Websites Listed Within The Page. 
The Northcountry News Exhibits These Photos In Their Publication 
And On This Website With Permission Being Granted From The Photographers.
Tom Sears   Friend 
Tom Sears & Friend - Tom Sears Photography
Tom has been photographing wildlife since 1955. Tom has traveled the world extensively, including much of the circumpolar north, photographing birds, whales, foxes, caribou, landscapes, iceburgs and the people of the arctic. 
Tom has been a contributor to the Northcountry News for several years now. When his popular "Bear Family" photographs and story broke in the Northcountry News and on our website, he had calls and emails from around the globe asking to purchase prints. He continues to take wonderful photos of the nature around him and allows us to share his world through pictures within the pages of the Northcountry News.
     2008 Bear Family Portrait 
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Byron Fairbrother 
Byron Fairbrother - Adventure Images Photography
Byron has always been a friend of the field and the wood, spending most of his spare time enjoying the great out of doors. When not showing off his photos you will find him out trying to capture the next breathtaking shot. You can always tell when there is a new photo adventure in the making, camera at the ready, canoe strapped to the top of the car, and bug dope pocketed. Byron resides in the heart of the strikingly beautiful White Mountains, New Hampshire. Most of his photographs are taken in the northern half of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine and hang many places worldwide. What a wonderful life this has turned out to be.
Lupines    Little Blackie - Byron Fairbroth     I Can Fly - Byron Fairbrother 
Adventure Image Photography 
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Adventure Image Photography
 Old Man - Jim Mauchly    
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Mountain Graphics Photography, Fairlee, VT
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