Letters To The Editor 
~ Rules & Regulations ~
The Northcountry News certainly enjoys receiving letters to the editor, just about as much as our readers enjoy reading them. However, being in the north country we do get some pretty strange letters at times! We will not print anything if it is libelous or in very poor taste. As you know, the Northcountry News is open to just about anything, but will not print letters consistently defaming or harrassing individuals, regardless of whether they are a public servant or not. 
The Northcountry News remains a neutral body and will not endorse or favor any particular party, issue or opinion herein. 
We do have some guidelines which we must follow:  
  • All letters should pertain to current items within the newspaper. Letters should deal with local and regional concerns.  
  • Letters must be signed and include the writer's address and phone number for verification purposes.  
  • Any letters sent unsigned go straight to the trash can!  
  • The name of the writer will appear in the paper and will only be withheld under very few circumstances at the request of the writer. The bottom line here is - if you are going to get onto someone or something, at least fess up to who you are!  
  • All letters ahould be typed and double spaced.  
  • Please keep letters and opinions to one typed page. Books and short novels will find their way to the trash fast!  
  • We do not accept political letters of endorsement or non-endorsement not within our circulation area. 
  • Letters are printed on space availability. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse publication of any letter. 
  • We reserve the right to edit letters. 
  • Deadline for Letters to the Editor are the Thursday before the next publication date, by 1pm. 
    Letters and opinions can be mailed to: 
    The Northcountry News, PO Box 118, North Salem, NH 03073 
    They can be sent via E-mail (the preferred way) to: 
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