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The following are regular contributors to the Northcountry News. 
There may be others that we have not listed below as of yet! 
We'd like to thank all of the people who contribute to the paper. 
It is because of them, that it truly has become one of the region's most popular little papers. 
All of our contributors, who we consider family and friends, are local people and are some of the finest in their fields.
Tom Ryan With Atticus 
Tom Ryan & Atticus
Tom & Atticus have been a huge part of the Northcountry News, with their very popular column titled, "The Adventures of Tom & Atticus." Over the harsh winter of 2007/08, we started following them on their journey of trying to hike all New Hampshire's 48 4,000+ foot peaks twice during the official winter months. Although with the harsh winter we had, and Cannon Mountain reporting over 250" of snow, they were able to bag 66 of them that winter!  Their reason for doing such a thing was simple, to gather donations for Angell Animal Medical Center, the wonderful non-profit that helps thousands of animals each year, including Atticus!  
With Tom's hiking and outdoors experience, we asked him to continue to write an ongoing column for the Northcountry News on hiking in the White Mountains. It includes tips, safety, trails and personal experiences among a variety of other items related to the White Mountains. We are thrilled Tom & Atticus continue to share their knowledge and experience with us. We are truly grateful. Tom & Atticus has become a household name in these parts. 
Tom's Book, titled, "Following Atticus" is on the shelves and available at all book stores across the country and online. Please be sure to check it out. It is fantastic! 
You may also visit Tom & Atticus and see photos of their many treks at their blogspot. 
Also, find out how you can donate to their cause. 
Dave Berman 
Dave Berman
Dave Berman, local legend? Appearing in other publications, on and off since about 1977, Dave Berman, and his "Berman's Bits," have always been a popular local column the years over. Witty, funny and sometimes serious, his column takes a look at what's happening thorughout the world, in only the way Dave Berman can! A must read for all! Dave also has a website and a blog that you should really check out! 
Eli Heath - Paige Computer 
Eli Heath
Eli Heath of Paige Computer Service in Woodsville, NH is here to help save the day! Everyone who has a computer knows that there are lots of little quirks, gliches, melt-downs and the dreaded blue screen error messages which we all face at one time or another. Eli is here to help answer questions and give us helpful hints, advice and  ideas on how to make the most of our computers. 
If you have a question you'd like to see answered within one of our Tek Talk columns,  feel free to email Eli at: 
You can also visit Eli online at:
Suzanne Flagg 
Suzanne Flagg
Suzanne Flagg, among being publisher, photographer, editor, bookeeper, sounding board, etc.. etc..  for the Northcountry News.  Ahhhh yes, and wife to Publisher Bryan Flagg and mother to their daughter, Sierra is also on her resume!
Bryan Flagg 
Bryan Flagg
Bryan Flagg, is Owner, Publisher, Editor and sometimes writer, web guy, photographer, wildlife enthusiast,  etc... for the Northcountry News! Oh yes, and husband to Suzanne Flagg! (sorry Suzanne!!!!) and dad to Sierra Cheyenne Flagg (poor kid)! He also appears on radio every other Friday morning on WYKR 101.3 in Wells River, VT. People tune in to listen to him and radio station owner, Stephen Puffer at 7:00ish!!! 
If you have any comments, ideas, and especially complaints, direct them to Bryan at:   or mail to: Northcountry News, PO Box 118, North Salem, NH 03073.
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